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Fast replies, great customer service, this is my 3 order in a few months.   Their KN-95 masks (flat beaks) are great and super comfortable. They are worth the price in my opinion. Definitely will order again.   Mikaela helped me with my last order and she was amazing!

Mary Noel

Our clinic ran out of our usual surface sanitizer and our regular stuff is backordered for months. We reached out to Eco Sanitizer via email and had four 4L jugs in our office the next day! The product, SteriKleen, doesn't have a strong smell and stays wet long enough to sanitize! We're quite happy. Thanks again!

Triumph Physio

Great line of Sanitizer products! Happy to see Canadian made trusted products. The new sanitizing wipes are awesome!

Chris Fell

Official Sanitizer Supplier For the Calgary Stampede




One of the most noticeable lifestyle changes is the use of face masks in public places. Once reserved for certain sectors in society like the...

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Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic disinfection has been around for some time. Facilities such as hospitals and other commercial industries are familiar with the technique and the necessity for...

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Cleaning up the rumors about Disinfectants

Cleaning up the rumors about Disinfectants

Many of us have wondered what the best disinfectants are to use and how to best disinfect different types of surfaces.  Whether for household, office,...

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