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Electrostatic disinfection has been around for some time. Facilities such as hospitals and other commercial industries are familiar with the technique and the necessity for this vital piece of equipment.  But for those of you who are wondering, “What is an electrostatic sprayer?”

Since it is virtually impossible to disinfect every square inch of a surface (especially hard to reach surfaces) by hand, and also unrealistic in terms of time available. And keeping in mind that pathogenic bacteria can spread and hide into hard-to-reach surfaces more easily and more quickly than we can clean them away, an effective means of germ removal is necessary.

Electrostatic sprayers are a piece of equipment designed to be used for electrostatic disinfecting.  There are two basic styles.  The Handheld Sprayer and the Backpack Sprayer. 

“How do electrostatic sprayers work?” 

The electrostatic sprayer is used to coat a surface quickly and evenly with a disinfecting solution.  This is achieved when the electrostatic applicator provides a negative charge to the disinfection solution as it exits the nozzle.  The charged chemical molecules will then electromagnetically stick to a targeted surface, providing 360-degree coverage of the surface allowing the chemical to disinfect the surface and kill pathogens.  A person using an electrostatic sprayer can cover large areas in minutes getting to all surfaces (including those hard-to-reach spots) by just aiming the sprayer nozzle to the surface and letting the science of the charged chemical do the rest.  

To put it simply, the charged chemical is attracted to surfaces, finding its’ way into even the tiniest of crevice’s and hard to reach areas, and that chemical then adheres to those surfaces long enough to kill the germs.  The average time it takes for the chemical to work, depending on the chemical used and, on the pathogen, can range from 60 seconds to 10 minutes for most things.

Electrostatic disinfection using electrostatic sprayer equipment is the best solution for successful germ removal and infection control.  They are used to keep the environments and the people in them safe from exposure to the harmful and sometimes fatal germs by providing a quick and easy way to kill germs. 

Eco Sanitizer has sourced and tested what we feel are the best electrostatic sprayers available on the market.  We choose sprayers that stand the test of time, are easy to use and are worth the investment for the efficiency and thoroughness they bring to the task of a more thorough disinfecting. Complete disinfection does not  have to be time consuming or labour intensive.  

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