Eco Sanitizer

The Eco Difference

Eco Sanitizer's birthday is April 22nd - Earth Day!


We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic, and the environmental well being of our community. We are dedicated to producing products that are cruelty free, plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Our team is focused on environmental results that foster a safe and sustainable future, and lead to social and economical improvements in the community in which we do our business.



Eco Sanitizer works with other responsible companies who are determined to do their part in addressing Climate Change. Eco Sanitizer helps them lower their carbon emissions by finding new efficiencies and lowering their water and energy use.


Finding a responsible way forward

Today, companies are already feeling the effects of climate change. Doing so helps protect communities and the environment and it's what consumers, investors and other stakeholders expect and deserve.

Eco Sanitizer has committed to reducing its own carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and to net-zero by 2050.

Improving Water Efficiency 

Eco Sanitizer helps customers do more, using less water - improving cleaning and sanitizing process with Eco Friendly cleaning choices.

Helping to save our customers use of water. Eco Sanitizer's waterless cleaners, and sanitizers are helping our customers save water use while cleaning and disinfecting.


Wastewater Technologies

Eco Sanitizer designs product to be septic safe, biodegradable with low impacts to waste waters. Internally, conservation efforts are undertaken to reduce freshwater use, re-use and recycle water to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of operation, treat water for public health and safety and to protect asset life.





Chemicals Management

Eco Sanitizer's product sustainability programs are designed for our regulatory bodies (i.e. Health Canada & FDA) and extend regulation to follow best practices in chemical product management. In 2021, we refreshed our internal goals to reflect the latest in eco-product best practices and scientific evidence to help ensure our customers feel safe using our Eco products.


Health and Safety

Eco Sanitizer is committed to protecting the safety and health of all employees, contractors, visitors, and the community who are impacted by our activities and believes that all injuries, industry related diseases and incidents are preventable.

Our commitment to health and safety is as important as our commitment to other business objectives.


Packaging Goals

Eco Sanitizer is committed to continuously improving our products to help minimize waste while pursuing the most eco-friendly packaging options. We committed to ensuring that our products and packaging advance safety and sustainability.

By 2030, our goal is to have moved to the use of only reusable or readily recyclable packaging in all opportunities to do so.


Carbon Footprint

Eco Sanitizers goal is to source our plastics and packaging materials from local producers in Canada. Our goal is to establish manufacturing closest to the end users through the strategic use of copackers. We always seek efficiencies in transportation of our goods, preference for working with broadline distributors.






Our regulatory teams, processes, policies, and practices are held to the highest standards under industry guidelines. We believe in equitable teams and pursue diversity goals in all our efforts. We are passionate about cruelty free products and eco-minded choices in our material sourcing.



Equality is our Eco System. We align diversity and inclusion through the employees we hire.

Creating an environment where everyone is welcome to bring their skills and unique selves.

A company where we share in a purpose and celebrate our wins together.

Guiding our growth from the outside and from within. Welcoming age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation and physical or mental ability.

We keep with a commitment to equality that reflects the communities we serve best and attract customers and suppliers with the same spirit.






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