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Cleaning up the rumors about Disinfectants

Many of us have wondered what the best disinfectants are to use and how to best disinfect different types of surfaces.  Whether for household, office, or a retail setting.   The type of disinfectant products we choose to do the job depends largely on the dynamics of the space that requires disinfection.  .

Disinfectants are chemical solutions designed to inactivate or destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and/or microorganisms on hard non-porous surfaces.  Different solutions are designed to kill specific germs.  The label on a disinfectant is the best source for determining what the solution is made up of and what it is designed to kill.  The label will also suggest the best uses for the product as well as any precautions or warnings that are important to know in the handling of the chemical.

Almost every environment contains bacteria and microorganisms, most of which are harmless to humans.  Disease-causing organisms are called pathogens and they can be dangerous or even deadly.   Using a disinfectant that helps prevent the spread of such a pathogen is critical to creating a safe environment.

Disinfectants have been used in commercial, industrial, and medical facilities for years, and those facilities already have a grasp of the necessity and importance of disinfectants.

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