Eco Sanitizer
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Eco Sanitizer

Bathroom Cleaner (Peppermint) - 946ml

$10.67 $14.65

Description: An eco-friendly bathroom cleaner with a concentrated formula that cuts through stubborn soap scum and residue. Directions: For use on hard, non-porous surfaces. For heavily soiled sur...


SoftLoop Procedure Level 3 (Adult) - ...

$10.99 $19.99

Description: Breathe SoftLoop Procedure LEVEL 3 masks are made for high breathability with wide earloops for long-term comfort. The material is hypoallergenic and free of latex, graphene, fiberg...

Happy Soap

1.5 Happy Soap Laundry Detergent - Or...


Description: Happy Soap - Eco Liquid Laundry Detergent - A natural Eco-Friendly liquid laundry detergent with the same number of washes in a smaller, more convenient bottle. Less waste and better f...


Non-Medical 3-Ply Face Mask (Adult) -...

$9.99 $14.99

Packaging: 50 masks per box   Description: Bring comfort in your daily protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. An alternative to the traditional blue disposable face masks, these black...


KN95 Dome Style (Kids)- (10/box)


Packaging: 10 masks per box  Description: Our Children’s 3D Face Masks are constructed to fit smaller faces from ages 3 – 16, and can be used by adults with small faces as well. A step above ...

Happy Soap

Laundry Wipes


Description: Laundry Wipes - 100 wipe count, are an innovative approach to washing your clothes. Each Laundry Wipe is filled with a controlled amount of Plant-Powered Detergent, designed to be bot...

Eco Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Gel - 946ml


Description: Eco Sanitizer - Hand Sanitizer Gel - with 70% Alcohol. A safe, gentle, non-irritating formula that is clinically proven to sanitize hands. Our Hand Sanitizer gel uses a plant-based ing...


1L Spray - Sterikleen Hard Surface Di...


Description: Sterikleen is a virucidal disinfectant solution that is ready-to-use, concentrated, food safe, multi-purpose, mildly alkaline detergent engineered to effectively treat a wide variety o...

Vital Oxide

1 Gallon - Vital Oxide Disinfectant


Description: Vital Oxide is colourless, odourless and has a Category 4 EPA rating. Also an effective odour eliminator. It is non-corrosive and gentle enough to handle without causing akin irritatio...

Eco Sanitizer

Laundry Bundle

$25.00 $32.00

1 x 1.5L Eco Laundry Detergent (Eucalyptus and Lavender) 1 x 1.5L Happy Laundry Detergent (Eucalyptus and Lavender) 1 x Tub of Laundry Wipes

Eco Sanitizer

Multi-Surface Cleaner (Citrus) 4L

$32.00 $52.00

Description: An eco-friendly multi-surface, all purpose cleaner that is citrus-scented. This cleaner is tough on grease and leaves no residue. Directions: For use on hard, non-porous surfaces. For...

Eco Sanitizer

Wipes Bundle

$35.00 $45.00

1 x Sanitizing Wipes (NPN 80104504) 1 x Shoe Wipes 1 x Laundry Wipes 1 x Dish Wipes

Eco Sanitizer

Eco Hand Soap Bundle

$39.99 $43.50

1 x 4L Citrus Hand Soap 1 x 320ml Citrus Hand Soap

Eco Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Liquid - 4L


NPN 80101028 Description: Eco Sanitizer - Hand Sanitizer Liquid - with 80% Alcohol is made in Canada, according to hospital-grade guidelines as established by the World Health Organization. This m...


KN95 Flat Beak (Adult) - Black (2 mas...


Packaging: 2 masks per pack (1 box has 20 packs)   Product Description: A step above a surgical mask that provides more respiratory protection than a surgical or cloth mask. Four layers of high qua...

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