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The use of hand sanitizer has become an important part of our day-to-day hygiene.

However, not all sanitizers are created equally.

The experience of trying different hand sanitizers can range from pleasant to not so pleasant if unwanted ingredients and scents are used.  And this experience has become a part of what we first encounter when entering a store or a public place.  That makes it important for establishments to offer the best possible hand sanitizer experience for people entering their space.  Today, with more availability and options to choose from, a hand sanitizer that is good quality with no harsh chemicals or offensive scents is a good choice.

Consumers are becoming choosier now with which hand sanitizer they purchase.  Eco Sanitizer was already ahead of the curve when we manufactured an eco-friendly, fragrance free hand sanitizer that is locally made in Canada with ingredients that are mindfully sourced and tested and vetted before they even reach the end user. These are the things that we know are important to consumers and also to retailers looking to stock their shelves with items their customers will appreciate and want to purchase again. 

The Eco line of hand sanitizers stand out by using quality natural ingredients that have been tested repeatedly to ensure that the necessity of using hand sanitizer is nothing more than a pleasant experience. We have taken that aim a step further as our hand sanitizers provides the added comfort of knowing that there are no harmful chemicals to people or the environment. Eco’s Hand Sanitizer Gel contains 70% ethyl alcohol, and the Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray contains 80% alcohol.  Both are proudly made in Canada by a team who cares and stands behind a motto of “Quality People. Quality Products”.

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